A month to remember

What is Amnesia? Amnesia is an otome game [Kana: 乙女ゲーム] released in 2011 by Otomate available for PSP console. It is one of their more mature genre (but not in the +18 type of games) because of its suspenseful storyline and aggressive storyline. [I just blame Toma's and Ukyou's route for this.] It's not your typical fluffy romantic otome game. In a way, it's kind of a survival game as well.

Amnesia 101

amnesia I keep mentioning otome game otome game but I haven't explained what is an otome game. Otome Game basically means Maiden games. It's is visual novel games directly for female audience. You play as the female protagonist of the game and you get to choose to play one male character and make them love you. lol. Or you can date all the guys and in the case of Amnesia, there might be a special surprise if you do! There are some otome games that fits in the RPG game genre and some are focused on puzzles, and some are music games! Although Amnesia is more a solid visual novel, in some of it sequels, Otomate has added mini games especially for Amnesia Crowd and Amnesia World. The game was also released pretty recently in English which they entitled Amnesia Memories. Amnesia Memories also includes some added mini games that fits as a card game. It's different from the mini games in Amnesia Crowd. In Amnesia Crowd, you get Orion points and there is a story behind it too.

The games are as follows: Amnesia 2011, Amnesia Later 2012, Amnesia Crowd 2013, and Amnesia World 2014.


A screenshot of what the gameplay of the first Amnesia Game looks like

** I sadly lost my saved games for this so I had to replay the entire Spade route so I could get the CGs. I haven't finished replaying his normal ending and the other bad ends though. I really like the UI in the game since it's all black and white. Easy to read, and I'm a sucker for B&W layouts.

The Story

Amnesia As the title suggest, "Amnesia", the protagonist has lost all her memories. The MC will open her eyes in some sort of space or cosmos background where you are greeted by an adorable character named Orion. He's your tiny guardian who will guide you throughout the story. When Orion was heading towards the human world; Orion bumps to the main character's conscious mind that's why she is the only one who can talk and see him. He's super adorable and one of the reasons why I love this game. Anyway, he will help the MC obtain her memories back, but first you have to choose which guy you want to play first. She is given 1 month to get her memories back and have a happy end. There are total of 4 worlds unlocked which are inspired by play card symbols which are Hearts, Diamond, Spade, and Clover. Orion won't tell you which is which but here they are.

Amnesia SHIN ♥
If the MC chooses the Heart World, she will be paired up with Shin.
Shin is very straightforward, and he will tell you directly if he doesn't like something.
He is angst.
He also calls the MC an idiot sometimes, but he's an affectionate kind of guy.
He is also the Heroine's childhood friend, and the youngest of the group.

Amnesia TOMA ♦
If the MC chooses the Diamond World, she will be paired up with Toma.
Toma is very exceedingly overly protective.
He is the yandere type character aka Mr. Creeper
He is the big brother type, and has a weird sense of responsibility towards the MC.
He is also the Heroine's childhood friend together with Shin.

Amnesia IKKI ♠
If the MC chooses the Spade World, she will be paired up with Ikki.
Ikki is hands down the official playboy.
He is the teasing and sweet talker type.
He is also very affectionate but his route was super annoying at first.
He is a University student and her senpai in the MC's work place..

Amnesia KENT ♣
If the MC chooses the Clover World, she will be paired up with Kent.
Kent is the oldest and he's a nice guy.
He also tends to play with math problems so it's included in his route.
He likes to over analyze everthing including his feelings. The tsundere type and bashful.
He is a University grad student and is best friends with Ikki.

I'm not including Ukyou at this point, and I want to just spoil things mainly for Ikki and not spoil the entire game! So that in a way, it will get you interested on playing the game. And because I don't know which HTML symbol I could use for him. haha. Circle symbol is kind of lame. Ukyou is the Joker of the game, and he shows up sometimes all through the other four's story line. He also shows up in the bad endings. His route is nice too and it's worth it to obtain even after trudging through Toma's route. haha.