I will protect you

I'll be honest and say that I was gritting my teeth while playing this second sequel. It's gotten to my nerves especially when I was playing Ikki's suspense route. The puzzle game for his route is hard as hell. It took me hours and constant annoyed musings. It was one of those games where the creators just want to expand the franchise. But I've read good things about the next sequel though, Amnesia World from a friend. Well, even if it's a shitty game, I'll still end up playing it.


I like the opening for this game. The visuals are fancy.

Amnesia Crowd is broken down to different routes and storyline: Suspense Route, Working, Love Route, Communication. Working and Communication are just added side extras and mini games. The other two routes which are Suspense and Love are the that consists of the continued sequels/story. I'll talk about the latter ones because there's nothing significant to address for the other two.


I'm not going to lie and be biased here, but Ikki's Suspense route is probably the most difficult compared to all five guys. YAS you can choose Ukyou is included in the list this time too. [ I blogged and sort of summarized his route in my blog here, so I'll just try to incorporate the important scenes that help shapes Ikki's character.] There are some subtle action and puzzles in the suspense route to add more "tension" in the game and I think are unnecessary. The game starts when Ikki gives the MC a call and asks for aid. She asks her to come to his University to support him about something. When she arrives, the MC finds herself in the computer room with Ikki and a familiar voice comes appears from the speaker. It's just Kent. He mentions about a puzzle that you and Ikki have to experience together. The two guys were acting like their usual self as if they are mortal enemies and in war. Ikki proceeds in another room where the doors separating the rooms are locked. The MC is left with Orion to figure out the puzzle together with Ikki on the other room. The puzzles where strenuous and I have zero idea what I was doing. There were a lot too but I survived for Ikki's sake. After finishing the puzzle, Kent babbles on. Whatever Kent says at those parts just went to the side of my ear and came out from the other one. When they left the building, the MC looses her hat inside so she goes back to get it.


Ikki and the MC answering the puzzles together.

As the MC heads back inside the building with Orion, the other two guys Ikki and Kent are left outside to wait. However fire sets loose in the building. The MC and Orion are trap inside and they couldn't get out. And then she hears Ikki banging the door asking for her to answer, while Kent was calmly calculating and finding a way to get her out by using the computer setup of the building. I find Kent cool at this moment when he was assisting Ikki at this time. Ikki was basically just banging and screaming painfully. When the MC was about to loose consciousness and Orion was suffering with her poor Orion baby, Ikki comes in magically to the rescue. NO SUSPENSE THERE.


ミミ、大丈夫? 立てる? Mimi. Are you alright? Can you stand?

I named my MC Mimi ugh I should have named her Kibumie. lol. Although Ikki comes to rescue the MC, both the MC and Ikki are locked in. Finally Ikki finds a way but only one person can come out alive.! Of course, Ikki sacrifices himself and pushes the MC to safety while saying his last words of I love you to her. OMG IKKI DON'T DIE. CRIES. Instead of leaving Ikki to die, the MC and Orion decided to find a way which they did! Ikki is surprised and also mad because she didn't leave him to get herself back to safety. Although he is grateful that both of them are alive, Ikki still tells the MC that what she did is stupid. Ikki kept whining and telling her painfully that what if they both die! This could also happen if you played the bad end. In the end of the story, Ikki was just refining and teasing her about not wanting to go to the hospital. He states that he should be the one to check her entire body and such. Kent reacts and Orion was like cheering Kent because Ikki was being his playboy self. There was just a continues sweet moments of Ikki being dramatic and thankful that she is alive. Even after all that, Ikki was still thinking of carnal thoughts. geez this guy.


I got my hopes up for this! I thought that it will be well thought. But compared to previous sequels, this isn't praiseworthy. But it's still sweet. Contrary to the Suspense Route which takes place in the middle of the main storyline, the Love route takes place after Amnesia ~Later~. This time, it is the MC who is having "difficulty" with her feelings towards Ikki because she is now highly affected by the charm of his eyes; to the point where she would push him down and become assertive towards him. Even after the steamy sweet scenes in Amnesia ~Later~, she starts to become shy now?!? Ikki then notices that she isn't looking straight at him anymore and starting to distance herself from him which he minds. Especially since Ikki is exceptionally affectionate and wants to spend most of his time together with her.


Ikki likes to push her to the wall huh. You think you're cool this way Ikki??

At any event, Ikki gets jealous in the office/intern something; because she is more close to Toma than with him. So he pushes her to the wall and makes her look at him straight to his eyes. The MC then admits to Ikki, because Ikki is quite irked, that she loves him not because of the charm from his eyes, but she loves Ikki as himself. However, she thinks that she has started to be charmed by his eyes that she does things outside of her senses. Gurl, I don't think Ikki would worry about that at all. I think he'll be thrilled to know that you're this into him. As I've mentioned before, their problem isn't as intense as the previous sequels. I wish there was more to it than just the MC and her personal struggles. There's honestly no point of her worrying because Ikki is already his boyfriend and they even share a room.

After the ending credits finishes, the story continues in after some years. Ikki then proposes to her in Maido no Hitsuji and everybody congratulates her. She hears Orion's voice congratulating her as well and giving her a gift. She receives a pendant from Ikki and [instead of getting a wedding CG like the other guys which already happened in Amnesia Later] the MC jumps towards Ikki and kissed him intensely instead.


This CG is from Communication, where Ikki just wants to eat her up. Ikki and his lecherous ways. SASUGA NA..

Overall I didn't enjoy this game as much as I was hoping I would. But there are still Ikki cute moments so it's ok. Can't.. my weakness.