It's my wish to be alone with you

Amnesia ~Later~ is the first sequel of the game. It's basically an After Story, and what I like about it is that you get to know the characters in their in-depth personalities or *cough* more intimate. For Ikki's route, it will start as the MC moves out of his apartment and moves in with Ikki. SO FAST MAN SO FAST In the main storyline, Ikki suggests about his room share agreement with her, and for the Spade happy end, the MC agrees about their room-share. Because the MC's father decided that he will only pay for her studio apartment until the end of August.


awww. I didn't get to make it a gif this time bc he isn't animated.

There are a lot of cute moments with Ikki for his after story. This time in the game, there are scenes where the characters becomes closer towards the screen especially when they have to say sweet things lol. In the first part of Ikki's after story, they are basically getting to know each other deeply. They decided to have a month trial of their "room-share" agreement. But Ikki is determined to make her stay by saying sweet things to her every night. OLDKJFLDSKJFLKDSJ YES PLEASE. They also shared delightful moments for the MC's first days. For example about Ikki smelling like coffee all the time. He likes coffee and drinks it everyday. And both of them worrying about the scent of his closet because they might end up smelling the same as each other. The MC is also bombarded with a lot of cute and sneaky teasing! Sometimes the MC would choose not to answer his forwardness that in the end Ikki would just assume things himself. Like if she is thinking about them sleeping. If she tells him what she is thinking then he will kiss her as a reward. My maiden heart explodes all through his route.


言わないとキスするよ? If you don't say it, I'll kiss you?


あのね、そんなこと言われたら、キスしないわけにはいかないでしょう You know, if you don't tell me, I can't stop from kissing you


ねえ、僕の匂ってどなん匂い? Nee, My smell what kind of smell?

I'm probably sharing a pretty bad translation, but I just want to share how he teases the MC. Throughout the game, Ikki is extremely affectionate with the MC. He likes to spend more of his time with her and it pains him that they have to part dealing with their everyday life. Ikki also promised to her that starting their room-share, he will keep telling sweet things to her which he did carry out before they sleep.I think I won't go further and summarize their intimate moments because I'll be to embarrassed myself haha. It's too cheesy or too much sometimes, but well it's Ikki so. I might end up squealing the entire time. And ends up replaying the entire game instead of finishing this. Ikki's power is too strong on me.


ぷつ。あははは、ぎゅってしてくれるんだ。あははは、それは嬉しいな puwah, ahahaha, a tight hug hah. ahahaha, that makes me happy.


ん。ああ 起きてる起きてる n. aaahh I'm awake I'm awake.

This is my favourite scene when the protagonist is trying to wake him up. She was having a hard time because Ikki doesn't want to wake up. He asks her to give him a kiss so he could wake up but instead she said she'll give him a tight hug. And then he laughs and said that makes him happy. After 10 minutes, Ikki comes out with an open shirt which startled the MC. He's basically still half asleep while trying to fix and prepares himself up for the day. This does it for me. I kept giggling when I was reading this part lol. Ikki is so cute how he isn't a morning person, I can't even deal with it.

There are lot more quality time for the two of them especially when the MC sees Ikki's album. They talked about his high school days where he dressed up as a female maid, and also he played tennis in middle school. There was also a picture of him and the people in the Meido no Hitsuji celebrating the New Years. Outside, Ikki is open with his feelings and sometimes can't help but sharing his affection towards the MC even at work which bothers Shin a lot. It's so funny how he reacts and often interrupts them that they are in the way or can you do that in some place else. lol. PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION PLEASE SHIN PLEASE.


The general problem or plot in Ikki's route for his After Story is the MC's father. He isn't pleased that the MC chose to stay with Ikki in a shared room especially how she is still studying and Ikki is also still studying in the University. LMAO I would too! I honestly think that their ending is superficial in some way because they decided to "room-share" right away. In the normal end, they ended up having a long distance relationship while the MC stays with her dad. And Ikki promised that he will never let her go. The MC's dad dislike the idea of Ikki being a playboy; A playboy stays as a playboy lol. Compared to Kent's route, Ikki had it hard against the MC's parents. But Ikki claims that although he was like that before he is different now because of the MC. Love can bring the best out of people ♥ The MC's dad states that as a parent they cannot allow this room-share thing going on, however Ikki states that he cannot live without the MC. He says that for the longest time he had to live his life alone because of the way he has mutual relationship with other women. But now it's because of the MC that he changed his ways. Anyway, the MC's father asks the MC about her feelings towards Ikki and at the same time she said that she wants to stay with Ikki and to support him. Ikki is on his knees for this btw, I forgot to mention. Ikki also mentions about being ready to marry the MC to which his father tells him that if he ever cheats, he will take the MC back home. In the end, they were permitted to stay together. The MC was surprised about Ikki mentioning marriage for the two of them, and Ikki states that he does wants to propose to her, and he wants them to get married after she graduates.

Fan Club

Yes, the bitches are still there in the game. lol. They still continued bullying her by sending her emails and stalking her and such. Ikki is of course mad at this, but this time the MC told Ikki that they will both share this problem together. She wants Ikki to tell her all his problems and also the times when he is happy. She wants to share this burden with him. awwww. On the bright side, Rika is now on their side and helping them survive the FC. Rika tells the MC that the reason why the FC is bullying her is because she stopped following the rules of the FC - this is when she lost her memories - like sending reports to everyone about Ikki. Ikki still holds on to his word of protecting her until the end. I don't think I need to expand this part since the FC are just basically telling her off and lying to Ikki so that they could spend time with him.

Overall I enjoyed this game! If you think that the Main series is lacking of some steamy and sweet scenes, then the After Story is perfect to indulge in! And yes Ikki finally got laid. lol