Spade Basic Profile

Ikki Name: Ikki, Ikkyuu [ Kana: イッキ, イッキュウ]
Birthdate: June 1
Age: 22
Height: 187cm or 6'1" wow that's tall
Blood: AB
World: Spade
Occupation: Legal playboy, University Student, Meido no Hitsuji [*only in some routes]
Neat Fact: He calls the MC "Princess" sometimes. [Kana: 王女ーさま, 姫ーさま]

Ikki is the OFFICIAL playboy in the game. He is a senior University student majoring in Economics with a focus on Accounting. He also works at Meido no Hitsuji. As the official playboy, Ikki is often surrounded by screaming girls ALL THE TIME. They scream and giggle saying "kyaa Ikki!", and they call Ikki as "suteki shitsuji" or pretty/handsome/beautiful butler. Orion even calls Ikki as "Officer Handsome". The girls around him aka his bitches FC - fanclub always asks to spend quality time with him after work eg. Karaoke and parties. Sadly, Ikki just agree to all their demands even a kiss in a cheek for his entire FC. IKKI SERIOUSLY CAN YOU NOT. It's like his second job as the official playboy to please all the girls who wants some slice of him. Ikki is even described as a "horrible excuse of a person" and "the worst person in the world" by Orion for the latter. So yes! Basically the plot of his route is about his Fangirls/Fanclub vs You. Although, he might sound like an asshole as I've described him; Ikki is a sensitive man. He longs for true love and is determined to protect it once he finds it. There is more deeper significance to his character than just a playboy.


Ikki is a big fat tease. He likes to lure the MC with sweet and enchanting words. He is that type of otome character that uses sugary words and sometimes even sensual remarks. And I'm sadly lured by this as well. dammit. His powers are way too strong on me. He is direct with his feelings and has quite the protective personality. He is committed to the love of his life, and would do anything for her. Ikki is also a confident man which obviously comes with his playboy antics. Although that is the case, Ikki sometimes contradicts himself. He would say teasing things, but then would withdraw it and become embarrassed with himself; especially in the latter part of his route. At first, it would seem that Ikki is in control with his feelings, but it's actually the opposite. He doesn't know how to handle his emotions well, and creates disputes within himself. Regardless, it is this weakness that makes Ikki special compared to other regular "playboy" characters.

One thing that creates problems within his route is Ikki's secretive personality. He likes to conceal his own problems and figure things out by himself. This of course confuses the MC, because it will reach to the point where Ikki is becoming cold towards the MC. He also plans ahead on his own on how to protect the female protagonist against his fanclub. His FC are scary as hell to the point that they would kill for the sake of Ikki. It's one of his admirable traits where he would do anything and give up his popularity for the sake of the main character/MC.

All through the story line even in the sequels, Ikki possesses a strong force of resisting temptation to use his lecherous playboy moves towards the MC. [ As my friend says, Ikki has a "ranging boner". lol. ] He tries his best to resist kissing the MC knowing that she has "no feelings" towards him. He didn't want to make his moves unless the MC tells him straight that she loves him. It's super amusing to see him struggling in the game. In fact, this is one of his adorable quirks especially since he is a playboy! Also let's not forget that his VA [Kishou Taniyama] does a great job at huskily display his pained and struggling personality in some of the scenes. I also find his bashful moments extremely lovable because it's disputes with his playboy personality.

Ikki can also be the jealous boyfriend. This is evident in the first Amnesia game and in Amnesia Crowd. Ikki's jealousy is targeted to only one person though. He reacted in a possessive manner against Toma who plays as the protagonist's step-older brother in the Spade Route. In the first game, Ikki worriedly arrives in the MC's apartment because she is sick. Ikki finds Toma alone with her and reacts letting everyone know that he cannot let her alone with a man even though he is her step-older brother. Ikki wanted the MC to rely only on him, and not his older-brother at that point. His jealousy towards Toma repeats when the MC tries to become distant with Ikki from the affect of his eyes. *rolling my eyes* Because the MC acts normal towards Toma and not towards him.

Personally, I find the complexity of Ikki's character charming. Perhaps because there's some sense of angst. But at the same time, I'm a sucker for characters who seem strong at first but is actually weak or confused. And also because Ikki's remarks just sucker punches my maiden heart.



I'm not going to lie, but I feel like there is no need to describe his appearance with words so here are some pictures instead!


His Yukata and Pajamas are found in the sequel Amnesia ~Later~.

I really like his outfit design, it's simple and formal! It's a huge contrast to his hair which is cut all over the place. lol. The image below is from Amnesia Crowd. This one is my favourite! I think he looks super gorgeous especially the blue stripes and his shirt coming out like that. But his Years After appearance is pretty funny. I'm honestly not a fan of his hair.


This outfit can be found in the 2nd Sequel Amnesia ~Crowd~.

* As I've said in the index page, I haven't played the 3rd Sequel, Amnesia ~World~ yet. SOBS OH THE WOES. But I definitely plan to play it right after I finished University. I plan to have it as a gift to myself and all my hardwork lol. I like the colour palette for this one too. It's so cute. I love his outfit a lot.


This outfit can be found in the 3rd Sequel Amnesia ~World~.

*** Important Fact: Kent is not the only megane character in the game! Ikki wears glasses at home as well especially when he reads. One of his initial sketch design wears glasses but they change it instead because his eyes is a huge part of the story.

Some personal notes: I honestly tend to go for the uptight dark haired characters when it comes to my fandoms. I dislike playboys a lot especially the conceited and narcissistic ones. Ikki basically broke the wall and trudge through my maiden heart. haha. The fact that he shows some angst as I struggle through the story is one of the things I admire the most. Even though the reason for his woes and troubles aren't deep, in a way, I think it's cute because it contradicts with the surface of his personality.

Voice Actor

Ikki One of the most important thing about Otome Games are voice acting! There are a lot of emotions that helps make the flow of the story interesting and captivating. Especially the scenes where Ikki is drunk. lol. As for Ikki, he is voiced by old man Kishou Taniyama [Kana: 谷山 紀章]. Not only is Kishou an awesome voice actor from otome games and anime, he is also the lead vocalist of Granrodeo a popular J-rock band. Granrodeo sang the Opening singles for the shounen basketball series Kuroko no Basket for 85% of all the seasons! Kishou also voiced for Len Tsukimori ♥ from the otome series Kiniro no Corda both for the game and anime same as Ikki's anime version. He also played as Natsuki Shinomiya for the Uta no Prince-sama franchise. He is pretty much popular in the industry and could play a wide range of characters.