oh hai there! Welcome to Alluring Eyes, a dedication shrine for the dashing princely playboy character, Ikki from the mystery and suspense otome game series Amnesia. After a loooooooong wait and constant delay, I've finally decided to create a dedication shrine for the first otome character I've played! Yep, you've read it right~ Ikki is my first character I have played in the maiden games world in 2011. It was in fall of 2011 when I first got my copy of the game and I think I also started playing Utapri Music around that time. This is actually the second dedication site I've made for him. I closed a one page site with a title called Helpless Eyes 2 or 3 years ago, and I finally decided to remake one from scratch. Anyways, welcome welcome welcome~~

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WARNING~ ♥ This site contains SPOILERS!

I've played the game in Japanese even though my kanji is pretty grade school knowledge from Amnesia, Later, to Amnesia Crowd. I've honestly haven't played Amnesia World yet, but I do plan to buy my own copy as soon as I finished University. ( or else I won't be able to focus and my eyes will be too hooked up on Ikki ) *** So if there are things that I've missed or made a mistake, let me know by sending me an e-mail! Layout resources can be found here. I'm also featuring Ikki's illustration from the newest game, Amnesia World. As a reminder that I should play it ASAP.

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Amnesia is created by Otomate JP, Idea Factory, and Design Factory. The beautiful cg art and illustrations are created by Mai Hanamura. I don't claim ownership of the subject on this site since this site is just a dedication site and it's kind of a review site as well. This site is listed at Amassment Directory. Thank you~ ♥ and I hope you'll enjoy the viewing.