A Childish Wish To a falling star

This won't be a walkthrough of Ikki's Spade route, but I just want to share some parts that I think are important to help describe Ikki's character. For Ikki's route, the struggles in his story line are his fanclub which I will me mentioning as bitches FC. They are obnoxious and straight on, as what Shin calls them, annoying! The plot also centers on Ikki's struggles of love.


I made an Ikki gif because it's fun.

First Impressions

I don't remember exactly why I chose the Spade route to play. I remember eyeing on Shin at first in the game. Ikki's route starts when the MC wakes up in her room where she tried to find some clues with Orion, he is your sidekick in the story, that could help her memories. The MC then receives a call from her Ikkyuu-san telling her that he will come to her apartment to pick her up. However, time passes and he hasn't come yet at the promised time. He is late, and Orion's expressions range from being worried, to nervous, and lastly getting super annoyed. It gets worse when the MC and Orion went outside of her apartment to learn that the person in the middle of screaming girls outside, is the MC's boyfriend. The first time I played, I was like "oh great, a damn playboy ugh so annoying." But I continued playing his route because Orion is whining and getting all annoyed at Ikki lol. Orion thinks that Ikki might be a celebrity or someone special, but in the end he's just a playboy. The girls were screaming for his attention and asking if Ikki could "play" with them. Ikki kindly tells them that he cannot that day because he already made plans with someone. He manage to get away from them after agreeing to "play" with them another day.


だから、今日はダメ. 約束しちゃったから。that's why, not today. I made a promise.

After learning that the guy they saw surrounded with girls is her boyfriend, Orion thinks that those type of guys are only found in shoujo manga and otome games. As Ikki enters her apartment, he asks for an apology for making her wait. He tells the MC that he will grant her any wishes in return. But then continues by saying it's ok if she asks for something physical. LMFAO. OFC THAT'S IKKI Orion then suggests the MC to ask Ikki for some information about her without letting him know about her amnesia. He continues that if Ikki ever does something towards her, he already planned 100 escape routes.

All through the following days, it is confusing to believe that the MC and Ikki are sincerely dating. Ikki tends to entertain all his bitches FC girls around him. Both the MC and Ikki also works in the same cafe. And after work, Ikki would entertain his fanclub instead of escorting her back home. Afterwards, the MC and Orion learns that Ikki and the MC have secret meeting place! It's really annoying how she has to hide all the time. Most of the time, the FC would even ask Ikki to ditch her girlfriend and just spend time with them with karaoke. He doesn't say anything mean to them, but it's super annoying that the MC had to listen to all those bitches girls all the time. The way Ikki acts around those girls will question their relationship or if they are only dating for fun. Honestly, My first impression towards Ikki's route wasn't good, and the only reason why I stayed is; because Orion's musings and responses towards Ikki are just so adorable.


As I've mentioned above, first impressions towards Ikki wasn't outstanding instead it was hands down infuriating. I just constantly felt bad for the MC. It's even worse knowing how Ikki acted towards the MC. Sure he teases her, and even does the cliche pushed to the wall scene. But most of the time, Ikki acts genuinely careful towards her [in a peculiar way] which one might think that they are not sincerely dating. It's also evident that Ikki thinks that the MC doesn't have any feelings for him in return. He keeps telling the MC that he will one day won her heart. As Orion perceived Ikki is someone who is in unrequited love towards the MC.


だて君は、僕のこと好きじゃないでしょう? It's because you, don't have feelings for me right?

As the storyline unravels, Orion and the MC learns that dating Ikki was only limited to 3 months. It's like a limited time only! lol And that they have to break up after 3 months. And since Ikki thinks that the MC doesn't love him anyway, it's his quest to make her fall in love with him. It makes sense why he teases her a lot, or maybe it's just in his playboy roots. He even informs her that she is the first one not to be in love with him because all the girls that he had dated are going gaga over him. MUST BE TOUGH HAH IKKI

Ikki also tends to show restraint towards his affection for her. As an example, there was a scene where the MC was going on a summer festival/fireworks date. Of course he was interrupted by his bitches FC for his attention that in the end, they ended up watching the fireworks on a rooftop. At the time they were alone, they were sitting very close to each other. Ikki mentions that if she doesn't like holding hands and being close to him she should run away from him right away. He often contradicts himself saying that she has nothing to worry that he won't do anything but he can't promise that. lol. poor guy. Even though he could get any girls he wants, he wanted someone who he thinks doesn't like him and tries his best to restrain himself to her. Are you a masochists Ikki?

I honestly like the parts where Ikki would tease her or say something cool. It's also funny because whenever Ikki makes his moves, Orion is there to add comment like he won't let Ikki do anything to her, etc. There is also a scene in the game when Ikki and some of his bitches FC girls and Rika [his childhood friend and also the leader of his bitches FC] went to a trip by the mountains, Shinano. It's a trip for the Billiards association for the MC's University and Ikki's. They go to different universities from each other. In the cottage where everyone, is yet again, flocks around Ikki while he plays billiards. Ikki's bitches FC tends to sneer or bitch about her girlfriend being there staring at him. SERIOUSLY THOUGH THEY ARE SO ANNOYING, I wish Ikki tell them to shut up. Anyway, when Ikki was about to hit the ball with his cue stick, I googled what it is called lol, ; he was mouthing something towards her: [Kana: 見てて] or "watch me". And then Orion reacts adorably saying "What you think you are cool? Dammit, You do look cool." LOL. Orion is like a tiny angel. When it gets complicated with Ikki especially how his bitches FC are infuriating throughout the route, Orion is there to improve the mood.


In the first part of his route, the MC learns about some rumours regarding Ikki. She learns that Ikki goes on a date only for three months. In the span of three months, he is a total prince and is extremely kind to his current girlfriend. But after getting intimate with them , he will break up with them. Moreover, the MC and Orion learns about Ikki's condition. It was Ikki who brought it up to the MC, apparently the MC already knows about it before she lost her memories. Ikki's "condition" is focused on his eyes. His eyes are cursed. Anyone who sees his eyes will be charmed and fall in love with him. This is the reason why he has so many squealing girls who flocks around him and the MC's friend Sawa and co-worker Mine were affected at first.


。。。うん、ほんとはね。寂しい ..yeah, it's really lonely.

Apparently when he was young, Ikki wished at the shooting star to become popular with the girls. Orion mentions to the MC, that it is possible that the gods accepted and blessed Ikki with those eyes. When he was younger, his charms didn't affect his daily life. However, when he was in high school; if he dates a girl for more than 3 months, the girl will get bullied. He then creates a notion that he will only date girls for three months. Ikki has to deal with all the girls and at first he had amused himself with them. Basically, he accepted his destiny as a playboy. He thinks that all the girls are his responsibility. It gets to the point where his condition creates trouble, not only in his work place, but everywhere he goes. Ikki has to go through it all everyday, and to him it's becoming a burden. Ikki goes on by saying that sometimes he feels hatred towards the girls, especially those who are trying to steal him away from his current girlfriend. He thinks that all the girls going gaga over him only loves him because of his eyes. He longed to be treated normal that's why he fell in love with the MC. In the end Ikki struggles about his condition because he couldn't run away from his cursed eyes.

Sorry, I just had to add that above image. Ikki pouting is so cute. In the latter part of the story, he describes how grateful he is with the MC because the MC loved him for who he is just like his friend Kent or as Ikki calls him Ken. He says that her and Ken genuinely treats him as a person. And that she isn't charmed by his eyes.

It's the same as those typical shoujo manga about the popular guy as "everyone's prince" type of thing. It's the same as Ikki's situation. The only thing that is absolutely appalling is that his bitches FC are aggressive like animals. They've all lost their senses that it makes sense that Ikki entertains them because I can't imagine what they would do to him and the MC if he doesn't!


As the header says, Protector. YAS IKKI SAVES HER FROM ALL HIS BITCHES FC! Basically what happened is that Ikki learns about the MC being targeted by his bitches FC. They made plans of bullying her in their trip at Shinano and planning to make the MC miserable as hell. He also learns about the rules of his Fanclub. Ikki mentions that it was Rika who banded all the girls together. The MC learns that Rika is the ringleader and that they made rules and regulations within the FC. Apparently, the "current" girlfriend of Ikki would have to report everyday to his FC; and since the MC lost her memories, she stopped sending them reports. This is the reason why she became a target of bullying because she is not following their stupid rules. Ikki also learns about what the FC where doing. At first he thought that he could control his FC especially now that he has chosen his true love. However, it gotten to worst situations to the point that Ikki had to treat the MC coldly just to protect her from them.

In the end, Ikki got tired of it especially after talking to their manager, Waka-san about love. Waka-san told Ikki that Love is War, and Ikki has to protect his lover. He has to construct a wall between his relationship and his bitches FC. Because they have to run away from them all the time and they have to hide. Ikki also learns that Rika threatened the MC by killing her. There was even a time when Shin helped them by telling the FC to f*ck off. I was so glad for Shin to the rescue that time, and I was cheering away. lol. Shin tells them that they are annoying and shooing them away. And because they are disturbing their work place. Towards Ikki's happy end, He asks his FC and Rika to have a talk with him. He told them that he will continue to date her and that they cannot do anything against his decision. He mentions that if anyone interrupts or bullies the MC, he will not forgive any of them. "I will absolutely not forgive anyone who is in the way. Absolutely. That's all." « paraphrasing what he said in Japanese. And the FC then tells him that they just really love him or "You mean Ikki you won't come with us anymore". Sheeeesh these girls. Rika then makes excuses in the attempt to make Ikki change his mind. But he tells her to stop and says that "If his girlfriend says it ok to meet her then he will, but, if she says no then he won't." UGH FINALLY IKKI FINALLY. I'M SO GLAD Although he tells them off, he did stated that he is grateful of their feelings. He tells them that his girlfriend is his priority from now on. As the girls leave, Ikki tells the MC that he will protect her at all costs. So now he's officially the perfect prince.

At the end of the of his happy end, although I don't want to spoil anything and there were a lot of smoochy scenes before the conclusion; Ikki finally addresses the situation of her being his official girlfriend. He basically brings her somewhere in public and kisses in the middle of the crowd! Since they have to hide all the time. It's a super cute way to end the story. Isn't he cute. Isn't Ikki such a cutie. hehe.

Other Endings

I'll just quickly summarize this part, on another note, Ikki's route has five endings: One happy ending, a normal ending, and three bad endings. For Ikki's normal ending, the MC decided that she will have a long distance relationship with Ikki. Because her father only agreed to pay her studio apartment until the end of August. Ikki even asks her to live in with him in his apartment, but the MC decided not to. Ikki also agrees to have a long distance relationship with her, and told her in the end that he will never let her go. This ending is more sensible than their super quick room-share agreement, but I like both. The room-share agreement will happen only in his happy end.

The bad ending I gathered first was when Ikki breaks up with the MC. Ikki learns that the MC has no feelings for him so he decided that their relationship won't work out. And then he got super drunk with Kent; and he moves out of his apartment. Another bad ending was when Ikki learns about her amnesia. Ikki basically tries to pin her down his bed and tries the thingy bang bang. The MC tells him to stop, and Ikki agonized the fact that she didn't relied on him. So they broke up. And the last and worst of his bad endings, is when the MC was killed of his bitches FC. They basically tried to kill her off at the mountains. It was Rika pushed her off the cliff. It was Rika who pushed her, and she ended up becoming a vegetable. When Ikki learns about this, he plans to take revenge and break anyone who broke her. Something like that.