Of all things, Why Ikki?

Spade Ikki When it comes to favourite characters, I cater towards the uptight stick-in-the-mud dudes like Kent. For one thing, I dislike the playboy type who spouts ridiculous sugary words, I prefer the ones that are not honest with themselves aka. tsuntsun types. Ikki in so many ways is an exception. I also typically enjoy funny characters. But overall, I just like 'dem unique~

Apparently being a playboy is too painful to endure. according to Ikki. Contrary to the popular stereotypical playboys, Ikki shows genuine feelings towards his worries of trying to make the MC love him. Usually, in some shoujo manga's I've read, playboys are typically established as the cool guy. It's like everything about them are perfect. It's the same as those sparkling guys that even when the poop, rainbows and singing birds arise. In the case of Ikki, throughout the story, he shows some of his un-coolness and his confidence sometimes weakens. He is even taken aback whenever the MC would give him compliments and give-in with his teasing. Ikki would just awkwardly blush and tells himself that he must becoming conceited if he assumes that the MC likes loves him. Similarly to some romantic stories. If a man is flocked by many girls, how do the MC gets noticed? A hyper-kick of his ego is definitely the go to! This is probably the most generic plot lines for playboy storyline or even the egotistical or narcissistic types. As for Ikki, while everyone is charmed by his magical eyes, the MC is an exception. She has no feelings towards him whatsoever which for Ikki was a challenge. She's not affected by his charm because her dad was a player, so she dislikes those kinds of people. Or maybe Ikki is just a masochists. I admire his drive to choose her without knowing her own feelings. But I feel like Ikki, being experienced with girls and all, can tell that there is a possibility.

As I've mentioned above, I like my favourite characters unique! Unique in personality and quirkiness~ Ikki is of course, one of a kind and probably because I was just captivated with his perks and drunk moves. lol. His ways of teasing her are pretty much out of the blue for me as well especially when he assumes things about what the MC is thinking, and he's basically spot on! I also enjoy his restraint to himself even though there are many girls following her. It's like he prefers to make things harder for himself. I guess it's just cute.


Spade Ikki I can't help but mention that Orion had a lot of participation why I enjoyed Ikki's route a lot. The way he responded towards Ikki's quirkiness and his playboy antics are just so adorable and hands down laugh out loud moments. Especially whenever Ikki's bitches FC advances and upsetting remarks towards the MC. Orion is there to the rescue for which makes Ikki's bitches FC moments more enduring. My favourite is whenever he observes Ikki as a good guy in the end, and that he can tell that Ikki is sincere towards the MC.

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