There are a lot of cute things about Ikki in his Spade Route. And not just because it is amusing to watch him suffering while he restrains himself a lot and also playboy antics, but it is because Ikki is kind of a quirky character. It's just those tiny subtle thing that makes his character special. I will be babbling about it all through this page. hehe.


Ikki wears masks Because of the "condition" he has to endure with his eyes, Ikki has to wear sunglasses all the time. He wears them so that the girls who would meet him won't be charm by his eyes. Sometimes in the story, Ikki would wear masks to cover his eyes. In Amnesia main story, Ikki wore some sort of Kamen Raider type of masks which are typically found in summer festivals which I'm assuming here. At this time, the MC was sick; so Ikki was distressed and couldn't think straight. It was Kent who told Ikki to wear a mask to protect himself from other people becoming charmed by his eyes. Kent was laughing and amusing himself because of this. And Orion comments that it's the police who would get attracted. It was a funny scene, even Toma was shocked when he saw Ikki for the first time. He did this again in Amnesia Crowd specifically in the love route, Ikki wore a cute bunny masks. He thought that wearing a masks at work would help the MC to not be charmed by his eyes but in the end he was just laughed at by his co-workers. Kent was adorable when he was laughing at Ikki. I really like Kent's and Ikki's relationship even if their personalities are different from each other. lol.


これではどしょう!? Then how would this do!?

I have to give him a credit for his efforts for her. He literally talked to everyone in a serious manner to suggest that he will be wearing that masks to work. I don't know. Maybe he's trying to be all cute for the MC, and I THINK IT WORKS DANGGIT IKKI


Ikki also likes to drink all his woes of love. Drunk Ikki can be seen in the Amnesia main story and Amnesia Later sequel. In the middle part of the main story, Ikki would tell you that he cannot accompany you to home. And then he gets all angst-y and contradicts his feelings again. She asks Ikki if there is something wrong, but then he says nothing is wrong, and he thanks her for worrying about him. As the MC returns home, Orion is pretty tried and asks if she wants to sleep. Her phone then rings and it's Ikki on the other side.

  • Ikki says: "Ah you're still awake. Sorry I'm calling this late. I just want to hear your voice. Just to hear it." He was sounding super drunk at this time lol
  • He Continues: "Uh can you say something. just something. anything. Even about your childhood. I just want to hear your voice."

This scene is so funny. I like how them make his suffering an amusement more than just a plain old drama. Ikki continues that he really wants to see her but he can't. Orion notices that he sound super drunk and asks the MC what she would say. And then the MC answers that she will go to him. Orion was surprised of her answer.

  • Ikki says drunkly: "Eh going to come? to my place? It's dangerous! I'm more dangerous than the night streets you know." OH GAWD THAT BASICALLY DONE IT FOR ME. LOL
  • Kana: え? 来るてうちに? 危ないよ! 夜道僕が危ないよ!

How can someone not love this guy! Haha. Ikki is seriously adorable and I love gushing about his moments like this. As I've said before, I dislike playboy characters a lot but I find Ikki pretty adorable compared to the playboy ones that I've encountered.

His quirky drunk self continues through Amnesia Later and this time with Kent and the MC! Ikki asks Kent to drink with him after messing up his puzzle or something. Ikki rants about how cute the MC is especially now that they are living together. How she sleeps, watch tv and such. He can snuggle with her anytime he wants now unlike before. Ikki asks Kent that he will never understand the MC's charms and Kent replies that if he did then won't Ikki be in trouble. I really love how Kent is just amusing himself with Ikki there. Ikki rants more about wanting the MC and such. Ikki proceeds on asking the MC to come near him so he can touch him. Kent then left since Ikki's pretty bombed up. The scene continuous as the MC and Ikki spend quality time together while Ikki's head was resting cutely on her lap.