Kent is Ikki's best friend. He is also a playable character. For Ikki's route, he is his supporter of finding his true love. Kent also finds amusement from Ikki because of his condition. He wants to see what happens in Ikki especially now that he already found his true love. At first, Kent is quite harsh with his words towards the MC. He even says that there isn't anything special about the MC, and all of Ikki's ex-girlfriends are prettier and stuff. Ikki thinks that Kent's argumentative personality is Kent's way of showing affection towards someone. Kent also improves the MC's opinion towards Ikki in the latter part of his route. He tells her that Ikki is a nice person and is madly in love with her.

Kent is older than Ikki. He is a university graduate student in Mathematics, and spends his time making math puzzles for Ikki. They play around and stuff; Kent would pretend that his math problems are his weapons against Ikki. LOL SUCH A CUTE DORK. Both Ikki and Kent thinks highly of each other. For Kent, Ikki is someone he could share his intellect with. And as for Ikki, Kent is one of the special people who treats him like a normal person.

Their friendship started pretty badly though. Kent's ex-girlfriend basically falls in love with Ikki's charm. And Ikki tells Kent that it was because of his condition and still holds this reason for 3 years. Kent then finds amusement from Ikki's condition and wants to see what happens to him further. Kent's a nice guy. I really like him too.


[Ikki be like OI notice me. lol.]

In Kent's route. Ikki likes to flirt with the MC as well even after the sequels. haha. But Kent's pretty good at shooing Ikki down sometimes. Ikki just makes fun of him in return.

Rika is the bitch in the game. She's creepy and wants to kill the MC. She's obsessed with Ikki for a long time since they were younger. For the longest time, Ikki didn't know about Rika's real personality. And also the things that she's been doing behind his back. At first, Ikki was grateful for Rika for banding all the girls who is in love with him. Ikki didn't know about the contract and reports they had to do, of all the girl's he had relationship with. Rika is also the ringleader of Ikki's bitches FC. In one of Ikki's bad ending, it was Rika who pushed the MC off the cliff as one of their schemes to get her out of the way.

Shin is one of their co-workers or part-timer in Meido no Hitsuji Cafe. He usually works with Ikki, and often see Ikki making his moves to the MC. Shin is the youngest and calls Ikki senpai. Even though that's the case, Shin is a hard worker and prefers Ikki not flirting at work. He is also a big tattle-tale and often tells their Manager every awkward situations that happens in the Cafe because of Ikki. He also likes to interrupt them. lol. But Shin's outspoken personality, helped Ikki and the MC from Ikki's bitches FC's intrutions. He would tell them off and shoo them away. He would even tell the MC to stand her ground as Ikki's girlfriend in situations where she is left out.